Resource yourself – Finding your inner path

An Art and Movement workshop
with Guénola Ricard and Sophia Ansari.

Saturday the 22th of April 2017
at St Fagans Village hall.
Time: 10.30 am- 4.30 pm
£40 concessionary /£50 for the whole day including a home cooked vegetarian lunch.
Of interest to parents, teachers, nurses, midwives, social workers, charity workers, counsellors, mental health, arts & health therapists.
In this experiential workshop we offer you a rich creative process: art-collage, yoga, dance-movement and theatre games to connect you with your inner pathway to well being, beauty and purpose. A creative process empowers you to make meaning, tell your own story, feel into wisdom and develop possibilities and opportunities.

As parents, therapists, teachers and carers we require plenty of empathy and kindness, yet squeezed into a hectic, busy world we often find ourselves doing too much . With out the right support, we can fail to meet our own needs, displaced from our inner knowing, strengths and direction. In this workshop we invite you to explore your capacities for feeling, moving, intuiting, experimenting and playing as ways to resource and support your self

You will be free to explore images, sensations, ideas and movements in a secure environnement. We will discover ways of being mindful and in touch in the body as well as new and empathic ways of seeing people, situations and dilemmas. This will nourish you to hold the space for others: your family, patients, clients, students and colleagues.

This workshop offers the following experiences and learning objectives:
• time to unwind, discharge stress and relax
• An awakening of clarity and curisoity.
• A means to restore yourself, gain strength and inspiration to accept and value yourself and others.
• An opening in creative perspective: seeing the same situation from different sides, capture insights and envision possibilities.
• Feeling invigorated and enlivened to meet the challenges of caring for loved ones, children, clients, students, patients.

Guénola Ricard, Artist, Art-psychotherapist and PhD in medical Science. She graduated in Art Therapy with a Diploma of Advanced Studies from Hes-So Lausanne, Switzerland. She is in private practice offering consultations and seminars through « Ateliers Le Choix des Couleurs » in Bayonne-Biarritz, France. She has experience working in schools in Switzerland where she used creativity and Non-Violent Communication to teach French to immigrants teenagers settling into new lives in Switzerland.
She practises therapeutic dance, Non-Violent Communication and is starting to teach meditation and philosophy in schools with the SEVE foundation that got UNESCO support.

Sophia Ansari: Sophia is a yoga movement therapist and psychotherapeutic counsellor with 14 years experience working with peri-natal health and women’s well being, She has a private practice in Cardiff. Sophia recently delivered a body,yoga, movement training on a self care module to student midwives at the university of south Wales. She is undertaking postgraduate research in the applications of dance movement therapy for womb related loss, trauma and peri-natal mental health. Sophia has a particular interest in the importance of embodiment, and creativity for health and recovery. She has additional trainings in mindfulness and authentic movement.

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Certificates of attendance will be available.